Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kissing Flier

When I travel to colleges and universities to do a kissing show, I never can tell, in advance, exactly how the student demonstrators will react to the different skits and kisses they'll be doing onstage. Typically we have an audience of anywhere from 250 to a thousand in attendance, and the crowd usually finds the entire procedure vastly entertaining. I can show you something of what goes on in the show by pointing out a few things in the accompanying flyer. The top photo is me standing behind a couple. I am talking into the microphone explaining what the girl is thinking about while she's on a date. The next photo is an illustration of the neck kiss (from the DVD based on the book The Art of Kissing). Then you see me getting a good laugh from the crowd as I interact with the audience and ask them some questions about kissing. Next I'm demonstrating how to do a French kiss by going into a huge mouth onstage with two giant tongues, showing how the tongues flicker up and down. The next shot is from the DVD and illustrates excellent technique on the part of the boy, who is doing a neck kiss. The next photo is from a college show where a number of couples are kissing onstage simultaneously. The rest of the photos are self-explanatory, except for the large one in the middle, which illustrates how to kiss in a car. The girl has climbed onto her boyfriend's lap while he's driving and she's kissing him like mad. This gives you an idea what the kissing show is all about, but words can't fully describe it; in fact, they don't come close.

Monday, September 8, 2008

How To Make Kissing Romantic

A girl from Portugal writes in with this question: "How can I make my kissing more romantic? And how can I make myself a better kisser?"

A. There is only one way to make your kissing more romantic and that is to use your imagination. But, that being said, there are a thousand different things you could do once your imagination gets going. Just think what would be romantic for you. Usually this involves being together with the one you love, being close and communicating romantically. Togetherness involves privacy because if you're on a public street it's more difficult to focus on your partner. So think of places like a park, a beach at sunset, or — a cruise ship. Hey, the idea of an ocean cruise sounds romantic to me! If you can't get on a real cruise, well, you could talk about planning one with your partner. Anticipation is part of the fun.

Being close involves proximity. You want to be close enough to give him a playful punch on the arm or close enough, in other words, to touch. If you're this close you're either being very romantic or wrestling.

Communicating romantically means plenty of eye contact, maintaining a good sense of humor and smiling. Learn a few jokes and spring them on your lover when you're together. All these things will make your kisses romantic.

As to how to improve your kissing, my most concise advice (since my entire book The Art of Kissing is devoted to just this issue) is use variety. Don't just do French kisses. Try lip kisses, neck and ear kisses, sliding and upside-down kisses, lip-o-suction, biting kisses and any others your imagination can devise on the spur of the moment. In this way you'll expand your kissing abilities and have more fun too.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Motivation for Kissing

The sky is one of the greatest romantic backdrops, and kisses at sunset or under the moon or on a starry night have always been favorites with lovers. Well, get ready for something even better. Now when you go outside and look up into the sky, you can think about an asteroid that is headed for earth and which is on a near-collision course with us. The asteroid, named Apophis, was discovered in 2004, a tiny speck of light moving among the stars. NASA scientists calculated its orbit and found that it is scheduled to pass so close to the earth that it will be ten times closer than the moon, and lower than most communications satellites! The problem is that this prediction could be off by a few percentage points and that means the asteroid might actually hit earth. It is the size of a football field and would produce an impact equal to a hundred nuclear bombs exploding simultaneously. The scheduled impact date was originally calculated as Friday the 13th, 2029! But now the scientists predict the impact, if it occurs, will happen in 2036. Whatever the date of impact, and even if it's just a near miss, it certainly is food for thought,—and for kissing. Tell your girlfriend about Apophis, which is guaranteed to send chills down her spine. Then put your arms around her and draw her close for a romantic end-of-the-world kiss.

  1. Link to Nova site with video on Apophis.