Friday, November 14, 2008

First Kiss

Here's a video with first kiss comments made by a very talented young director, Enjoy!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


My appearance on Comcast is expected to take place in December when I will appear on the network's "Singles Life" channel. The segments will feature some footage from a kissing show I recently did at the University of Delaware. It was a terrific experience. I was also working with my favorite associate, Brigitte Fontaine, who is my executive secretary. Her twin sister, Krissy Fontaine, our kissing support supervisor, was also in town, but she stayed in the hotel and would not come with us to do the filming. She was in a bad mood because her boyfriend, Dr. Harris Thornley, told her that her tongue is too short. Thornley, who is a good friend of mine, is forty-five years older than Krissy, but he's got a world of experience behind him and is a very sharp character. He looks like Norman Mailer and acts like him sometimes, too. Krissy was complaining about him the entire time she was in Delaware and her sister had to tell her to calm down. I looked at Krissy's tongue with a magnifying glass and told her it was not short. That made her feel better. She asked if she could test her tongue in any way, and I told her that if she could touch her chin with her tongue that would prove she had a long tongue. She promptly stuck out her tongue and touched her chin.

In the accompanying video (which is not my secretary or her sister) you can see a very talented girl who can do all sorts of tricks with her tongue. I posted this here to show you that your tongue has more flexibility than any other part of your body, and you should keep this in mind when French kissing. You can do all these motions, and more, with your tongue when kissing. Of course, this girl is genetically blessed because her tongue is even more flexible than most, but still your tongue can do a lot of different motions and movements. This video should be inspirational.